In Vitro Fertilization Are The Success Rates Worth It?

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December 10, 2017

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF options and costs are being considered by some couples. This is because some who have tried to conceive a baby for years, but unsuccessful are giving other options a try. IVF has been a practice in the medical world which has brought happiness and contentment to most couples.

This is an assisted reproductive technology where the eggs and sperm are collected from a woman and a man, then these are manually combined in the laboratory to form an embryo. This is a complex procedure, that’s why it is a bit pricey compared to other methods. But according to most couples, it is worth their time and effort since IVF is proven to be very effective.

In Vitro Fertilization: The Success Rate

            According to some feedbacks, IVF is very effective. However, you must understand that the efficacy of this procedure will depend on some factors. You can click this link to see how IVF has changed the lives of some families. The worthiness of IVF options and costs still remains as a hot topic in forums and discussion. Mainly because there are some factors that you should consider when talking about the success rate of this procedure.

            The factors that you should consider would be the reason for infertility, the facility, and doctors who will do the procedure, as well as your age. Generally speaking, when all factors are considered, there is a 40% success rate with IVF. This percentage can go up or down, depending on the difference on the factors mentioned above, especially the age of the woman.

Remember that a woman’s age is the major game player in the success rate of IVF for most couples. But through the years, IVF techniques are refined and the doctors have become more experienced with the procedure. So it is expected that the success rates will go higher in the future. Click this link if you want to learn more about In Vitro Fertilization.


Student’s Low Grade: A Parent’s Guide to Effective Communication

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November 14, 2017

Getting low scores in exams can’t be avoided. Now, failing for consecutive times no longer looks good. The child may not find it alarming. But, the parent would normally feel the need to change things up. As you see the report card of a child, can you manage it properly? If no, then maybe this article can be of help.

In Malaysia, there is a particular website called saps ibu bapa. The concept of SAPS originated to provide convenience to the parents of a student. To keep the parents updated about the grade, such website is created. Sure, that’s one step forward in allowing technology deliver news to the public. But, it certainly provides more than the information alone. A series of events may start to show up. However, that depends on the way you handle a particular situation concerning a kid’s grade.

The question is, are you ready to see failing grades under your kid’s name? How will you manage the situation? Will you be mad? Will you take precautionary steps for next term? Being clueless about that matter is acceptable. Not every parent is prepared to make any decision pertaining to such thing. Sometimes, dinner time with the entire family will be filled with silence. Others handle it with loud arguments all night. To learn as to what must be done during such occurrence, let this page guide you in the best way possible.

  • Never point fingers

No matter how difficult the situation is, don’t blame the child. Well, you should also not blame the teacher or the school. Most importantly, do not blame yourself. In facing such types of circumstance, there better be enough chance to give. Initiating the blame game would only worsen the situation. If you wish to resolve things up, you better stay calm and do the work on finding the solution.

  • Concentrate on learning techniques

Once the saps ibu bapa gave the exam results, don’t panic when seeing a red colored grade. Ask the child what are the learning techniques made. In most situation, the child would request a new computer. Some would ask for a study space. Others would just seek for your time. In every request, you must hold yourself from giving in. Before buying anything, ask if it would change things accordingly. Explain how you are willing to go for a mile just to see them improving.

  • Be positive

After a heart-to-heart talk, make your child feel confident again. Do not pressure the kid into taking the new steps. You may find the solution and remedy too easy to handle. But, the kid may still find it confusing to start with. To avoid any miscommunication to happen, just stay positive. Don’t worry too much. Never let your child feel that you have lost your confidence in his own ways. Always be there to assist and provide new methods of learning if needed. Stay positive and be there to cheer him up. Most of the time, children would just want to make their parents be proud of their efforts in school.

The thing is, no one can control such negative situation. You also need to identify your expectations first before sending a child to school. Communicate and state clear views. Remind your kid that in every failure, there’s no other way but to keep trying harder. To avoid seeing another failing grade on the report card, try to improve your efforts too. Children want to see their parents proud of their achievements, even the smallest one.